The all new XCELLARISPRO TWIST is a new step in every direction. Improved usability and a precise needle penetration will give you and your patients a brand new experience.

**Availability in the EU expected in Q4/21. Outside EU availability is expected in 2022, depending on the depending on the authority approval processes.



Active Needle Retrieval

The all-new design of the needle cartridge connection and angle drive of the handpiece allows for active needle retrieval and, especially at high frequencies, avoids the "ripping effect". This coupling point design is patented an unique in microneedling devices.

2,5 mm active Needle hub

Precise work, ergonomically shaped, space-saving and hady, easy to transport. Foot- switch function for an hygienic operation. Medical device Class IIa (93/42/EEC). Made in Germany.

Active needle length from 0 to 2,5 mm that can be adjusted in the handpiece. Each needle cartridge has 6 precisely ground needles made of surgicalstainless steel. Sterile and single use.

ultra precision needles

Every needle is sanded individually to ensure an atraumatic penetration. Surgical steinless steel provides absolute stability during the whole treatment.

Ergonomic Design

The motor is designed and positioned to reduce vibrations. The center of gravity is located in direct proximity to the middle of your palm. So whilst performing the treatment your hand and the device remains stable and comfortable.

Powerful Motor

Even at its highest stroke frequency (150 Hz) the needles can penetrate hardened skin tissue with ease and reduce pain and stress trauma for your patient to a minimum.

Due to an angular motor arrangement, vibrations are kept at a minimum and an ergonomic operation is guaranteed during the entire treatment. 

easy cleaning access

The needle cartridge opening flap in the handpiece allows access to the moving axis. This ensures an improved cleaning of all handpiece parts to ensure a safe treatment environment.

active needle


special design of the needle module connection and the angular drive enable active needle retrieval, unique selling point, especially when working quickly to reduce treatment time „ripping“ is avoided,needling result fulfills highest patient/ customer demands patented coupling point is unique in the microneedling market



Power switch on the CU – “off” position integrated in the central rotary knob compact and user friendly, optional foot switch to avoid cross contamination while the treatment, high-end quality, Made in Germany , CE marked



In addition to bioactive peptides, XCellarisPRO products contain: hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, C and E, antioxidants, natural plant extracts essential oils, and many more ingredients that nourish the skin

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